men of honour

by oBelIX

so nothing much happened in the last two days.

something which was supposed to work did not work, some code failed for no apparent reason :(, some ppl said something they should not have said

saw men of honour. ppl had been hyping it up, saying that the court scene was great and all but its not as good as its hyped up to be. the movie is definately good, the acting is excellent but something is missing. its not as good as The scent of a woman, now that is a movie with a excellent dialogues and powerful performances. the best part of that film was the last scene.

anyway we should get two more season’s of “That 70’s Show”. so i guess the next few days are going to be busy with “That 70’s show” and diablo and hopefully the project.

also hopefully someone will get some more of whose line is it anyway.