the end of diablo

by oBelIX

finally, after some 5 days of nearly continuous playing we finished diablo.

diablo is an ok game, single player is real boring with just left clicks and right clicks required.

the multiplayer is much more fun. and its only fun when u compete for levels. initially when i started out i was at level 1, whereas niraj, manish were some level 15 and sham was at level 21.

course at the end niraj and I were at level 38 odd each and manish at 40 and sham at 43 i think. sham played a lot more, he is still crazy abt the game. wants to play it on his own at a harder difficulity level.

also monga returned so started watching season 2 of that 70’s show. it absolutely rocks. the start’s been real good. wish i could remember some of the dialogues but i sadly i dont. anyway trust me its really worth the watch. trappi watched it for some 7 hrs at a stretch or so his blog says.

anyway the next few days are probably going to be reasonably boring. since diablo was taking up most of the day (and night :p) i guess i will be much more free now that its over

until then …