screen & whose line is it anyway

by oBelIX

nothing much has been happening over the last few days. thats why i did not blog.

but tipo came back. started playing cz again. found out that i am sucking. anyway i think that this is a good time to switch to cs 1.6 / cs source. i am so out of touch at cz that i am missing the most obvious shots. haven’t taken a headshot in the last 4 hrs of cz. anyway i got a new mouse (so that shud help)

saw a lot of whose line is it anyway. its the king of all comedy serials. I mean its simply awesome. the way those guys manage to think up such funny stuff … its brilliant. that is just goooooood comedy

the project is still in the same pathetic state. its just not moving forward. actually its not moving forward coz we are not working on it. too much to expect it to get done on its own. its not that we dont want to do it, its just that we are like bleh, too bloody lazy to do it yet. neway’s the prof will be back and we’d b8r get something done till then

used a lot of the screen utility so i thought i’d write a small tutorial on it .

screen, its a GNU utility. its like a virtual terminal, kinda like Konsole / Gnome-terminal. the point is that it keeps running instead of just quitting when the terminal gets hung. so its much better to run a program using screen than just backgrounding it using ‘&’. since its like a console u can get it at any time.

anyway to use it …

type screen to start screen. it will open up a shell. so this is the virtual terminal.

Now to create a new virtual terminal, type C-a c (C stands for CTRL). that is create a new terminal. its like making another tab in Konsole.

C-a n is to go to the next virtual terminal in screen

C-a is to goto the previous virtual terminal.

C-a d is to detach screen (i.e. leave all the terminals running into the background and go back to the shell from which screen was invoked)

to reattach (get back all the running terminals from a previous screen session) type screen -R from the command prompt.

that’s just the basics, for more info contact me or google 😀