cs 1.6

by oBelIX

played cs 1.6 today, multi.

cs 1.6 rocks, much much better than cz.

1. cz has all these dumb flaws, basically i feel that the cz engine sucks ASS. cs 1.6 based on the old hl engine is better
2. the guns are better in cs 1.6
2a. the AK rocks – i have never been much of an AK player, but its really easy to use. bloody manish was getting headshot very often
2b. the maverick rocks – its so eaasy to spray with the maverick, and also get headshots. not only that the sound is so cool
2c. the defender rocks – my favourite gun just got better. although some ppl disagree, the defender seems easier to use in 1.6 (maybe its just coz i am out of form in cz but whatever)
2d. clarion sucks – trappi wont like this much, the clarion’s not as good in 1.6 as it is in cz
3. sounds – the sounds are nicer in cs, even the voice commands
4. crosshair – at last, i can change the crosshair colour from that dumb green colour (which is impossible to see in iceworld / snow)

hence IMHO cs 1.6 kicks cz’s ass. hopefully next tourney we will all be playing cs 1.6

anand came back, poor guy did not have cable … atleast he got food 😀

project moving forward, atleast we are trying to work on it. anyway found a calculation mistake which set the number of agents down from 5000 to 100 . sad, very sad .

until next time …