home, the kingdom of heaven

by oBelIX

long time no blog.

mostly due to laziness and …

so today decided to finally write some stuff

saw “Kingdom of Heaven”, nice film, a film which probably depicts history more accurately than others i’ve seen. atleast its not pro-american bullshit in which the english speaking white man conquers all and saves the day and the rest of the world is thankful / angry at him for doing so.

after that i went home, actually this post is from home, where net is kinda slow. neway MTNL the service provider is improving, speeds aint that bad and the conn holds.

life is real good as of now. atleast food is good, and i aint got nething to be doing. atleast some part of the year one should have absolutely noithing to do. its like calvin’s dad when he says that the miserable vacation they take each year makes living in the house like a godsend 😀

since i got nothing to do, i spend a while surfing channels on the good old idiot box. there seems to be nothing good on anyway, thanks to the cable operator.

apparently in my area you can either see star sports or ESPN, but only one cause that guy shows only one channel. so during the champion’s league final it was some snooker on star world and then during the F1 race it was some other arbitrary sport on ESPN. that’s the sort of stuff that is really infuriating. the movies on hbo and star are ok tho, most of the time. still i wish they’d show something better. also i wish that the ads wud improve. the only decent ad that ive seen is the bloody reebok shoe ad. almost all the other ad’s are full of some arbid garbage, like this radio mirchi ad, wherein some kid breaks a cookie jar, and his mom comes in all angry and stuff, and then she starts dancing for no apparent reason. i mean come on ppl. that is the height of ignorance.

i found all the calvin and hobbes books. read them again and again and again. bill patterson is a genius. calvin and hobbes is awesome philosophy. its awesome comic stuff.

rest of the new stuff in the next post, which will be pretty soon i guess …