the definitive way of listening to music

by oBelIX

for all the uninformed ppl out there, read on for the best music system possible …

there is an mp3 player (portable) out there that absolutely kicks ass.

yeah, i am talking abt the one and only iPod (TM)

made by apple (the same guys that made the iMac) its the most amazing mp3 player i’ve ever seen (course ive seen very few but who cares). it looks stunning, with a nice shiny magnesium (i assume magnesium cause it shines and reflects very well, cud be aluminium) rear and a white front (shudve expressed that in a nicer way). the controls are awesome, really really easy to use. anyway i put a GB of songs onto it and looking for music is easy, it takes a few seconds to find one song out of a thousand. course with a harddisk on it you can take your whole music collection with you.

iTunes, the software that is supplied with it is nice. atleast it does what it’s supposed to do and much more. its easy to sync with the ipod, and it keeps all your mp3’s and stuff updated. also the ipod tracks what you play and kinda rates it automatically, so not only can you make your own playlists you can also listen to the top 25 songs that u’ve rated, and / or the most played songs, etc. it connects via only USB 2.0 or firewire.

but that’s not all you need for the best music system, you need some speakers / headphones to play it with

enter bose – Better [something] [something] with Engineering (I think)

i’d gone to CP once, there at the bose showroom i’d tried on the bose headphones. now these aren’t ordinary headphones, they are really good headphones. they are noise cancelling so you wont hear all the excess envoirnmental noise that’s there, and they are really light. the sound quality is superb, its the best ive heard, much much better than all the fancy computer speakers and crap like that.

so if u’ve got money to spare and are lookign for a really cool music system then you should get

an iPod + bose headphones

that’d probably cost 10-20K + 20K

but then trust me its probably worth it

PS – there are bose headphones available for 9K also …