basket case

by oBelIX

Basket Case
Carl Hiaasen

Just finished reading the above mentioned novel. Its the first of its kind that I have read. Hopefully there will be many more. This is a comedy + thriller + suspence all rolled into one. The writing style is new and refreshing and its real fun to read. The point of it all is that it ain’t ur regular Tom Clancy type thrillers, and there aren’t extraoneus long boring passages like Jeffery Archer. Its a nice small thriller with some witty one-liners that will make u laugh while reading it. Overall its an excellent way to pass time.

So that’s the main bit of this post out of the way

neways i took up swimming lessons. today was feeling bloody sick in the morning. so let it be a lesson to everyone. if you go swimming when you have one or more of the following

(a) cold
(b) cough
(c) a eye splitting headache
(d) fatigue
(e) fever

then its a good idea to skip swimming for the day. course i had no such intention of doing so and went anyway. basically you will feel like death while getting to the pool, while changing and taking the pre-swim shower but once you get in the pool it just rocks. actually when you are concerned about survival all these things take a backseat. oh and remember, you’ll feel pretty darn bad once you come out of the pool as well, all the above symptoms will reappear in full force and you will be wheezing like a pachyderm with a few hundred blacksmiths hammering your head. in short you will feel ..ed in the A.

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