internet forwards and oBelIX’s nth law of email

by oBelIX

i got another few arbitrary forwards today

1. Most important part of the body
3. NEHRU’s family tree

this got me thinking. why arent there some nice interesting forwards as compared to the crap which keeps filling up my inbox. in a general group of people (the above forwards came from my schoolmates) most forwards are sentimental shit that is uninteresting to most of the people in the group.

this led to

oBelix’s nth law of email
In a general group of people most forwards received are crap

now just for the heck of it i guess we can construct the following arguments

1. The above forwards came from some of the girls
2. Does this mean that girls post junk stuff? probably an unfair genralization :p
3. Do the girls know that this stuff is junk?
4. Does anyone else care about this stuff or do they just Mark as Spam??
5. Why doesn’t someone else post something useful??
6. What would be useful???

The girls I guess wud say that the stuff they posted was useful coming up to a very nice circular argument

Hence the nth law of email holds and should probably be added as a Murphy’s Law

Quad Erat Demonstratum

PS – I am blogging alot, mostly cause I am bored with nothing else to do. So bear with it.