gta, bloody monday and google

by oBelIX

Disclaier – There may be a lot of spelling mistakes in the blog. y ‘M’ key is not working very well

so back in IIIT

actually been a while since i’ve been back. just been to doing other stuff that ive not posted.


The first 5 days went in GTA San Andreas. Now this is a game that you have got to play. I wrote some stuff about it earlier also but its just amazing. the stats factor (body fat, muscle, sex appeal, respect) adds a bit of RPG style into the game. The guns are nice and ur accuracy with the guns increases as you use them. The missions are nice and fun to do. They aren’t really tough until you get to the friggin flying school. That took me two bloody hours to do. Course the gae is huge and friggin impossible to finish. The vehicles are nice and the bikes simply rock. So if you havent played it yet you gotta try it. Its a really brilliant gae. Also there is a jet pack whcih simply rocks

BTW you can also go on dates and make girlfriends and stuff. And once u’ve taken them on enuf dates you can (to use “That 70’s show” lingo) do it with them. There has been a major controversy about a mod called “Hot Coffee”. The modder claims that by changing a bit in the game he was able to get the gae to show the characters actually having sex instead of just making suggestive noises and wiggling the camera around

HDD scare

July 11 2005. Bloody Monday. The black day for computer hardware in IIIT. It all started out like a normal day. Then I noticed my new 120 GB harddisk was working really slow. After poking around a little I found out that it was running in PIO mode (for the uninformed PIO mode is a way of transferring data from a device to memory and its really slow). I was outraged. A new 120 GB harddisk and its running so slow …

So I went into device manager to try and get it to get back to DMA (DMA is faster than PIO). But no, XP would not let the HDD go back to DMA. After a little googling around I found out that it was a feature of XP. Apparently if the HDD times out (the drive does not give the data in a certain time) more than 6 times XP progressively slows down the harddisk. So I fiddled with XP and forced the HDD to take on DMA. But each time the HDD wud go to DMA it would go back to PIO because of the timing out thing.

Now instead of being outraged I was worried sick. A new 120 GB HDD spoilt in less than a month. What the ****?? So took it to manish’s pc. There his PC refused to boot from my HDD (BSOD – Blue screen of Death). Then I tried booting from manish’s HDD. Guess what, another BSOD.

Went to Aziz room. Now his PC behaved and there were no Blue screens when we booted from there. So after 3 hours and a through chkdsk on my HDD the problem was found. There were bad clusters in C:\windows\dllcache\(some arbid dll) which was causing the problem. Happily, I went back to my room to play cz.

But that wasn’t the end of Bloody Monday. Manish’s pc refused to work. It would boot and after arbid amount of time automatically restart. So went back to manish’s room to see what to do. After a little fiddling about had absolutely no clue. We figured it was the SMPS. So right now, my pc is ok, but sadly manish waiting for a new SMPS from the bhumika guy.

Google stuff

Of course there is always some amount of randomm surfing in IIIT. Thats one of the advantages of broadband. So while roaming around found the following cool stuff

This little page here will take a search term and create a collage of the images which google image search returns. Pretty nifty.

This flash app by the same guy (Grant Robinson I think) will create a collage of images produced by a google image search on a specific word. Given the images you have to guess the search term. It may sound easy but believe me its pretty darn hard. After 12 games I had 0 correct guesses. Of course it doesn’t reveal the answer so it can get kinda frustating.