arbitrary potter

by oBelIX

this is an arbitrary post. basically nthng much happening. the sem is at the stage wherein life is kinda despondent. its the time when u’ve got stuff to do which u dont want to do, and the stuff u want to do is not fun to do.

ive got a project, some arbid assignments etc, but no mood to do any of that stuff

its usually fun playing cz / sweep / volleyball but there’s no fun in that nemore

of course today was the first time i stayed awake and listened in a class. and listened not just for 1/2 an hour but for a full solid 2 hrs …

a while back i read harry potter and the half blood prince.

that was the highpoint b/w this post and the last. rowling really did a brilliant job. the book’s dark and mysterious. really really nice read. keeps ppl guessing.

this seems like a bloody waste of a post but well i havent really got nething more useful to do so ….

PS – became a TA for ITWS 3

PS1 – installed FC4. FC4 rox, its real fast.

PS2 – chk out google homepages, nice …