frustration, despondency and science

by oBelIX

life sux ass …


well lets start with the high point. took an ITWS lab. the surprising part of this was that ppl were actually listening when i was speaking. hmmm

neways met a the most frustoo and despo guy ever. actually met him on the second / third day the sem began. he’s so vella that he ahs time to read 150 pages of bad and incomprehensible handwriting

seems like there is a lot more work than there should be. surprising. life sux …

fresher’s got postponed / cancelled (dont know exactly what as of now) due to rain. weirdly enuf the food also sucked. really pisses people off that.

anyway while browsing new scientist .com found the following stuff

1. no time travel paradox

2. white holes, the opposite of black holes …

3. “Why we ALL need pornography?” – this was apparently member’s only content so if anyone has an account there (yeah u need to pay) please send me the full text of the article.

apparently its friendship day now. was informed of it by 12 IM’s on yahoo each saying happy friendship day. the question here is why do we have a friendship day to celebrate whatever is celebrated on friendship day??? anyway thats for another post

oh and one more thing, FC4 rocks.

and python rocks.

and netbeans is the nicest IDE i’ve ever seen. (i havent seen many IDE’s)