hitchhiking …

by oBelIX

a lot has happened since the last post.

1. The Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy – got the books from arun. brilliant writing. seriously this must be read, just for the way douglas adams uses language.

My doctor says that I have a malformed public-duty gland and a natural deficiency in moral fibre and that I am therefore excused from saving universes.

The knack of flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.

go here to further appreciate the book. otherwise just do a google search

2. there was a no computer’s day. well, all computer’s, router’s etc were supposed to be shut down so that students would take part in cultural activities. “A day without the network???” we exclaimed, and started stocking up on movies, looking for decks of cards etc, to pass the time. Later we found out that it was all voluntary. well, the rest is …. (hint: counter ******)

3. freshers – took place. (isnt that a weird sentence?). nice function, some nice skits. Mr and Ms Fresher sucked ASS.

4. have seen gigabytes of “Whose Line is It Anyway”. It still rocks. Seriously, its the best comedy show ever.

5. Booshi’s b’day was celebrated in a subdued kinda way.

6. a ug3 team lost to ug2 :shame: . (course the circumstances kinda stretched it but still …..)