examinations in chess


well exams are around the corner. cour’se the thing that rocks is that I have only two of them. done in 4 hours and 2.5 days after that to enjoy. MAS rocks, Middleware rocks.

supply chess

what happens is that two pairs of people play chess on 2 boards simultaneously. team A has 2 ppl one black and one white. they play fast and whatever you cut is given to the other player. the other player can place this piece anywhere he wants. friggin this rox. try at home / college for hours of entertainment.

CZ :((

long time no play. there are very few servers and usually full … its been nearly two days since i played cz. course have played a good amount of warcraft.

next post will probably come after the exams

Coming Up (i dunno when but soon)

“The Definitive Guide to CS : What to Do and What Not to Do”


“The Definitive Guide to CS : the Who’s Who in CS”.


PS – hitchhiker’s rocks.

PS1 – google talk rocks. i wont go into the details but its lighter, cleaner and overall nicer than yahoo. course it has less features.