movies …. exams …. and nothing else

by oBelIX

exams over. actually with just two exams it does not take much time. so now im watching movies, posting on blogs etc, while the rest of the junta is busy trying to understand data mining or some weird looking math that i wouldnt touch with a mile long pole.

so after freeing up at 12:30 on the first day with 2.5 glorious days of holidays what do you do???


1. BC
2. Warcraft
3. Quake
4. Whose line
5. Movies

option 1 was difficult to do as everyone else is busy studying

option 2 was worthwhile but people got hungry and left the lab (:grr:)

option 3 gets boring after a while, i mean for how long can you play against bots in quake

option 4 seen too much WLIIA in the last few days

so option 5 it is then. (there is no CS coz no one was playing CS)

see, i hadn’t seen (m)any movies since I came back. something seemed to be missing.

so i decided to make up for all past sins.


saw the following movies

1. The Interpretor
2. Coach Carter
3. Requeim for a dream

The Intepretor

Ok action film. Nothing great, nothing bad. Nicole Kidman’s hairdo is awesome. She definately looks the hottest I’ve ever seen her look. any comments on the spelling of interpretor are not appreciated

Coach Carter

Good Finding Forrestor type story. Typical inspirational film. Good performances, especially by Samuel L. Jackson. The story is about how a coach kinda transforms the lives of a basketball team …

Requiem for a dream

Seems to be a movie about drug addiction. A lot of ppl have seen this and said they liked it, and it was awesome and blah blah blah. It seemed to be progressing along nicely until I woke up and discovered it was 0830 in the morning. No further comments on the film


PS – Lindsay Lohan SUCKS big time at singing. Please Please PLease do not listen to her sing ever.