the decline of cz??

by oBelIX

Times are changing …

Last year around this time we had just got the wireless LAN cards. We were dying to play something. It ended up to be CS 1.5 (we (the then ug2) downgraded to cz much later) [hey: I like CS more than CZ]

So each day, each night the routine would be like, someone create cz. Usually it’d be shamanth or tipo. And then we’d play. We’d play a helluva lot of it.

Sadly nowadays there are very few people playing. It seems like the average number of people playing cz has gone down. Earlier their used to be 2 servers full to the brim with all of us playing, waiting in queue (with auto-retry on, and going arnd asking the server to kick). Nowadays that feeling seems to be gone. Even the tourney is lacklustre.

CZ seems to have lost its charm, the feeling of the initial 4 v 4’s in Assault, Estate is gone.

The midlife with 16 ppl in one server well thats gone too.

The peak of CZ, the time after felicity with the intense 5 v 5’s, 6 v 6’s has gone.

So is the end of the era???

I seriously hope not

So people lets all get back to some nice, high quality cz, the type after felicity. The kind with the unbelievable headshots, with brilliant sniping, with last second defusals, with awesome teamwork and friggin insane adrenaline. All we need is some co-ordination and proper teams in a proper 5v5 / 6v6. (adjectives in bold for clarity :D)


PS – google desktop search is really nice. I particularly like the sidebar. really cool. the only problem is that it stays on top of quake so it sucks

PS1 – Sims 2 declared the worst game in history. It really really sux ass, will give it the amount of cribbing and complaining it deserves in a later post not in a PS