the “fable” of sun and dell

by oBelIX

sun goes around whacking dell in their ads …

chk out sun whacks dell :p


Lionhead and microsoft teamed up to make this really cool RPG. Its a proper RPG with all the regular stuff and some extras. Lionhead had earlier made a really really awesome game called “Black and White”. Sadly very few (actually zero) people who I know have played the game.

The story goes like this – You are a boy whose parents are killed. As an orphan you are inducted into the guild of heroes and receive training to be a hero. The game progresses with a number of quests. Each quest gives you rewards like gold, experience etc.

Gold can be used to buy stuff like better weapons, armour etc. Experience is used to become stronger, learn more spells etc. There are basically three types of experience. You can either improve your strength (your hitpoints and stuff), you agility (your stealth, accuracy with ranged weapons etc) or your will (magic stuff like spells, mana capacity etc). Then you can use these to go around killing enemies.

Of course thats not all. Each act you perform in the world can have either a good or an evil inclination. So killing a farmboy can be evil, whereas saving the life of some traders is good. Being good or evil determines what you look like (if you are really evil you have horns and stuff). Thats some really cool special effects there (wtf did i write that weird sentence). Also it teaches you different expressions. So if you are a really good hero you cant go around making obscene gestures and all.

And the gestures are really nice, theres a _||_ gesture, a kiss my ass gesture.
Gestures also influence relationships. Yeah, you can have relationships with characters. you can fall in love, get married, have sex, buy a house, beat up your wife and get divorced (the whole nine yards as some would say). Not only that you can get married to a guy as well.

There are also some comic parts to the game. The inscriptions on gravestones, the dialogues people say, the chicken kicking contests etc add a very nice dimension to the gameplay.

Spells are the really awesome part of the game. By the time I was done I was an evil wizard who cast level 6 inferno. Now that is an insanely cool looking spell that does shitload of damage. For more details look at the screenshot.

Graphics are nice, and the music is ok. The cinematics are in the form of murals and really well done.

All in all a nice game which will keep you busy for some 15 hours.


PS – learnt a very important skill of life – how to lie in project status report. have a feeling i will be needing this later (if you know what i mean)

PS1 – 14.6 upgraded. new config celeron 2.6GHZ, 256 MB RAM, 40 GB HDD. hopefully it wont get f’d in the A courtesy of mysql