the climate conspiracy

by oBelIX

something is seriously wrong

this year the weather has been absolutely screwed up

there has been too much rain. way too much rain. as a matter of fact so much rain that I (I in bold as I suck at creative stuff) came up with a poem

rain, rain motherfucking rain …
go move your ass some place else away
i am so bloody pissed
at waking up to a grey, depressing dreary day

wind, abe-oo wind dont friggin stop blowing
blow, blow, blow these goddamn clouds away
blow them away so that all the children
can come out and play

I dun like going to class
I hate going to class on a rainy day
so rain go away
before you wash my attendence away

not only is the rain the problem, its the fkin amount it rained in one day. bombay was flooded.

then there are these cowdung type hurricanes that keep popping up arbidly all over the place. there was katrina, then this storm which hit AP (which i am led to believe is the culprit of the recent spell of rain) and now there seems to be another hurricane bobbing up in the Gulf of Mexico wanting to say its two bits worth.

PS – met karparkam, showed him project

PS1 – saw ep501 of whose line with Whoopi Goldberg. nice episode

PS2 – been listening to a lot of pink floyd and gnr

PS3 – saw “The School of Rock” again. nice film, worth a watch