Battlefield 2

by oBelIX

Ok, a lot of stuff has happened and it’d take a lot of blog posts to report it all so i thought i may just as well start. (course whether everything gets reported or not depends on how much time i get over the next few days to write)

Battlefield 2

Battlefield 2, the successor of Battlefield 1942 (correct me if i am wrong) is largely a multiplayer FPS.

The Story

There is no story per se. There are two factions – the Americans and the non-Americans (read China / MEC ). They are at war in a set of scenarios. So the basic idea of the game is a hybrid of Capture the Flag (Quake 3) and Double Domination (UT) (and later the infamous Onslaught mode in UT2K4).

The Gameplay

There are a set of spawn points which you have to hold / capture and hence you win. To get a spawn point you have to go and stand next to it until its converted to your faction. Capturing a spwan point enables your other team members to spawn there itself. Usually Spwan points are at more advanced positions on the map. Each team starts out with a fixed number of tickets (deaths allowed etc) and the aim is to reduce the other teams tickets to zero.

Thats not all. There are six character classes

1. Special Forces – equipped with C4 and a powerful rifle these guys can blow up enemy radar / artillery and are the second most effective against armor (read tanks / vehicles etc)

2. Assault – Run of the mill infantry with very powerful guns and grenades. Pack serious punch.

3. Sniper – Well the hiding guys. Not the same as snipers in CZ. Requires a lot more skill. Also has antipersonnel mines (claymores).

4. Medic – Can heal and revive other teammates

5. Engineer – can mine / demine areas and repair vehicles, radar artillery etc

6. Anti-Tank – armed with a portable bazooka kind of thingy they can take out armour with ease.

There is also the concept of the Commander who can do a complete Scan, drop Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and use artillery. All of these can be destroyed by enemy special forces and then repaired by your teams engineers.

So as you can see, the game is pretty well balanced and a lot of fun to play. The adrenaline in moments of the game is brilliant, especially when a jeep full of enemies goes right over your AntiTank Mine / or you blow up an enemy tank with C4’s.

The Graphics and Sound

The graphics and sound are really good. You’d need a topnotch system to play this game (anything less than 512 MB RAM and the game would feel sluggish). Actually there is nothing much I can write about the sound and graphics, you just gotta play the game to see them.

As of now bf2 penetration in IIIT is pretty low. Actually, AFAIK we (read UG3) are the only ppl who play it on a regular basis. And I would like to thank Prof. Rajeev Sangal and the entire IIIT faculty (and also the labcoms) for getting us PC’s in the lab which can run the game. The other ppl (read UG4) please start playing this. I want to play some 16 v 16 with aircraft carriers (did I mention that there are helicopters, tanks, jeeps, F-15’s etc?).

The People

As of now the following in no particular order are the people who play …

1. rahul aka Rahul Mangla – A testament to the awesomeness of this game. Mangla plays it, and he plays it well.

2. butcher aka (if u dont know him u suck) – the special forces guy who gets into a jeep and goes to blow up the enemy’s artillery

3. lol aka (sairaj) – the best medic around

4. matrix aka (Manish [i hope you know what comes here] Jain) – A competent commander

5. neeraj aka tharwani – gyani tharwani, a very good team player

6. peesu aka srinivas – the most dangerous special forces guy around

7. ken aka T3 – if you’re in a tank and he is in front of you then RUN. Also known for calling out people’s name before they are blown to kingdom-com by his C4

8. arthur aka komarneni – an excellent all round player. very very dangerous

9. Neo aka Mouli – one of the best?? commanders (i hate his artillery)

10. rock aka vandv aka nandu- (bleh), no comments

11. sham aka (C. Shamanth Bhardwaj) – definately no comments ;p

12. obelix aka me …

If I have missed neone, my apologies cause I am in kind of a hurry here ….


PS – I am at home as of now

PS1 – There are a lot of assignments due and all the intelligent people over there are getting mine postponed rather than submitting them 😦

PS2 – Cinderella Man rocks. Course I saw it in a theater where no one else was there except for us.

PS3 – There is a lot of stuff to post. Hopefully it will all get posted.