quake … ahem … earthquake

by oBelIX

There was an earthquake yesterday. Rather a big one, or so it seems. Something like 7.6 on the Richter Scale. So I was in the house, minding my own business, actually troubling the dog (read whacking him with a newspaper) when he starts barking unnecesarily. So, I am like what is going on here??

Instantaneously, as if on cue stuff starts moving around arbitrarily. And by moving around, I mean moving around. The fan shakes a little, you can feel the vibrations in the floor. So, I say hmmm??? and then go about minding my own business i.e. whacking the dog with the newspaper.

Later on during the day while channel surfing (switching through the channels hoping to find HBO / Star Movies / ESPN etc) I happen to stop over at NDTV. Well they are going around saying that a big earthquake’s been going around the place. Lots of people dead all over everywhere.

And then it hits me. I have got the best earthquake prediction system there is (read blackie)). Course, I gotta refine it a little bit, because if there was an earthquake each time he barked there wouldn’t be much left of Delhi.

Anyway if anyone has any idea on how to patent “A canine based forward prediction mechanism for earthquakes”, please do tell me about it. I may even be favourably inclined towards sharing the royalties.

PS – Musharraf looks like a jackass. All he is doing is going around on Television and saying that he has some dumbass exam to pass, and begging for blankets. Now he is begging for helicopters. The next thing you know, he will be asking for a nuclear warhead.

PS1 – I wonder what happened to yacc and zulu

PS2 – how many people know what foo-bar means?