by oBelIX

Compliers is getting interesting. Wait, No … Actually its getting really really really … boring. This post is going to be about compilers and our dean. Its mostly for me, to keep a record of one of the most entertaining and boring courses I will ever take. So if anyone is offended by this post, please go take a hike. Also, anyone who has not taken compilers, please do not take any of this as an indication of what your experience may be like when you take compilers.

The events that led to the above paragraph in chronological order ….

(a) Someone went to Sir and told him how he felt about compilers. In honest terms, with no holds barred I guess. (Actually Sir had been giving us a lot of stuff about MSIL and an unknown number of assignments out of which most of us have done ZERO and submitted two or three). So in the class Sir starts out with a discussion on this. Well, he discusses about his jokes, about how we should study, about CGPA and about honours.

(b) Then there was some discussion on study hours, gaming and the now dreaded-by-most-and-feared-by-all MSIL assignments. There was also some reference to a relationship being constructed between MSIL and the grades which led one of us (read Trappi) to say “I dont give a fuck”, a sentiment echoed by many of us.

(c) That class went on for one hour extra. An hour that could have been utilized in other ways (read bw2/bf2)

(d) Feedback day – Last Monday (hee hee) was feedback. At 11:20 Sir finished the ppt so we were like :D, Hurrah, class finishes early. But then, as usual, shit happened. It was time for feedback. Now most of us were extremely delighted to finally having our say. However Sir decided to read the feedback then and there, taking up an extra hour again. (Some notable feedback is mentioned below).

Net Result: last week – 5 hours of compilers (thats way more than the 0.25 hours acceptable by my brain)

Compilers Feedback


(b) Stop doing BC
Live and let live.
Why the obsession with MSIL?

(c) Projects matter.
Love one love all (or something else related to love. If someone remembers this exactly please tell me)
[A complete mathematical proof denying the existence of free time for MSIL]

(d) We thank you for the excellent gaming facilities in IIIT.
We request a Plasma television and a Home Theater system in the hostels.
We would also like AC’s in rooms.
We also want 50% reservation for girls

NOTE – Sir thought that a girl wrote this


PS – Black and White 2 rocks. Will post a review soon

PS1 – Aziz has a top of the line PC now. P4 2.4 GHz, 200 Gigs, ATI Radeon 9800 PRO, 512 MB RAM ….

PS2 – Chess rocks and I lost in TT (:baah:)

PS3 – BF2 rocking, lot of fun these days

PS4 – I am swimming well

PS5 – me and trappi having really nice conversations in MAS. Will post a few of them soon.