the anguish of middleware

by oBelIX

Middleware. A course. It was supposed to be good. Well, its an ok course if you do work for it. Actually its less work than crypto unless you leave it all until the last moment. In that case you are fudged in the A.

Basically the problem is with Java. Java is supposed to be an open standard or atleast not a closed standard. Therefore the implementations should not differ from vendor to vendor. However this is not the case.

For two days we struggled with NetBeans (TM) and Pramati (TM), trying to get them to talk to each other. They absolutely refuse to communicate. The code that works well on one platform gives a dumbass exception on another. The internet is of no help at all. A google search for Pramati and Netbeans leads to a webpage in which half the results are from Loganathan’s (the prof’s) blog. Thats the type of stuff that makes you want to pull your hair out and scream. Actually screaming helps, ask Sriram …

In the end, if you intend on taking middleware make sure of three things

(a) you will work as MUCH as the crypto people
(b) you will choose the same platform for the project
(c) and you will do lab 5.


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