the second bench

by oBelIX

Another 2.5 hour class of compilers today. Location wise it ranks amongst the worst classes I have ever attended. I enter the class about five minutes late and am heading towards the regular spot near the fan on the last bench when zulu calls me to the front. Now, I dont want to sound pessimistic but I had a pretty bad feeling about this. Not feeling exactly, kinda more like intuition. You see, the following thing(s) can happen in the front bench

(a) the blackboard looks HUGE
(b) the professor keeps staring at you
(c) it is virtually impossible to sleep (even mentally)
(d) you should ask some doubts or something

Now, that in my opinion is a catastrophe. However the worst is yet to come. So zulu starts off with asking whether I have done the now-dreaded-by-all MSIL assignment. (Actually I was thinking of doing it but Neeraj convinced me that it was not worth it and I ought to rather play bf2 instead :D). I answer no. So far so good, no references to my CGPA or something. (speaking of CGPA why doesnt zulu pick manish or vishnu or someone else for a change). Class goes on normally for a while. Fast forward to 11:15 (15 minutes to end of scheduled class time). Manish decides it would be a good time to give a missed call. Incidentally Zulu had already screwed Patel and would later screw countless others on the state of their notebooks. So Manish “pinki” Jain (please do not misinterpret pinki here) decides to give a missed call. For a change, I’d brought the cell to class and forgotten to put it on silent (yeah I know, my bad). The phone rings loud and Zulu’s face is like “what the …. is that”. So he goes around asking whose phone it was and there are like 10 fingers pointing at my head. Probably it was that I’d been screwed enough (read sitting on the second goddam bench) that I got through that one without much incident.

So at about 11:20 I am like “Yahoo!!! Class going to end!!! Hurrah!!! Yay!!!” (and what not). Sadly Zulu decides to take attendance for an hour and ask half the class to show him their notes. Among the notable minor-sub-incidents during attendance were

(a) Monga vs Zulu showdown on the utility of compilers
(b) Sanchit being labelled as Sundar Sanchit Agrawal
(c) Tipo being called hero ….
(d) Anand impressing Zulu with the quality of his notes

Wag the dog

After a long time I saw a nice film. Starring Robert DeNiro and dustin Hoffman this comedy kicks ass. Its about how presedential scandals are covered up. Its good acting, nice script (a little weak at the end though). Its a must watch.

The Longest Yard

A crap dumbass film which you should watch if you are really bored with absoultely nothing to do. Adam Sandler and Chris Rock fail to add some spice to this hopeless comedy.


PS – F.E.A.R almost done and Call of Duty 2 is out

PS1 – Quake 4 seems to be sucking (I am not sure if I’ve said this before)

PS2 – ate dinner at sid’s house. awesome food.

PS3 – i swam 50 mts at a stretch