sayunara compilers

by oBelIX

Compilers exam finished yesterday. The first thought after the end of the exam, hurrah, its over, lets play some bf2. (incidentally i rocked in the afternoon, got shitload of kills in karkaland with a tank and an engineer).

Of course it finished in a really upsy daisy way. After reading the paper I was like whoa!!! What is SSA??? What is register to register memory blah blah blah?? Where does Zulu get such questions from?? Who is Zulu anyway to ask such questions?? How come there are still 2.95 hrs to bf2 left??

1.5 hours into the exam and Im still wondering what SSA is … I try to remember all that I’ve studied. So I figure its something to do with SyntAx trees. Dont remember any of syntax trees either so I end up writing assembly.

Then Zulu comes and someone asks him what SSA is. He just raises both his hands straight up into the air and makes grunting like noise. Then goes on to say some stuff in Telegu which I dont understand but Venkaiah finds very funny. A short conversation in Telegu later Im back to what is SSA?

Anyway exam finishes and no one knows what SSA is except Manish + Booshi and Ashish Goel (who only knows it was in a book by Cooper). After that the day was insanely good. Played lot of bf2, slept for 4 hours, Played yet more bf2, watched a movie. Except for that exam it was a nice day.

LA Confidential
Another Kevin Spacey film. Have seen a lot of them lately and come to the conclusion that he is a good actor. Also starring Russell Crowe this film is about crooked cops and busting up a racket in LA. Nice, worth a watch.

Some guy and Rachel Weisz star in this movie. A reasonable plot, nice direction, good acting. Its the con people and get away with it type of plot, similar to Ocean’s 11. Again, good timepass.


PS – Networks to study, then middleware

PS1 – When will appaji stop sending HTML attachments. bloody … :grr:, whats the problem with plain text???

PS2 – I forgot, I’d just thought of it, what fuck …