blurk 2 – the brain is arbitrary

by oBelIX

The brain is arbitrary

Why?? Consider the following scenario …

1. One day before Networks exam.
2. Its 1800 hrs and I have a splitting headache.
3. At that point of time, with a jackhammer going on inside my head my brain comes up with its second contribution to the English language (for the not-so-regular reader visit blurk [one of my best posts])

So, here goes

What do you call a person who flirts to fuck???


flirt + fuck = flurk

Therefore, the brain is arbitrary.



PS – Monga and I won the CSI programming contest.

PS1 – I drove a bike much to Booshi’s chagarin (how do u spell that?)

PS2 – Aprameya’s (n+1)th law – The level of Frustooness is directly proportional to the quality of phattas being cracked. (this probably merits another post)