orangilla and linux

Went out yesterday for manish and sid’s treat. Food was good. The interesting thing was orangilla i.e. what you get when you mix orange and vanilla flavoured ice creams together and eat. Its really nice. Try it out sometime.

While coming back we tried to have some serious discussions. In the end the following conclusions were drawn:

(a) its impossbile to have a serious discussion with the right type of people present
(b) all serious discussions will goto bc eventually i.e. lim t -> infinity (serious discussion -> bc)
(c) there is a fine line between “deep” thought and meaningless statements
(d) Homer Simpson: Can god heat a sandwich so much that he cannot touch it??


The alert reader must have noticed linux in the title. Well, that is because I plan to switch full time to linux. Its not because of some linux loyalty or other crap but more due to a careful analysis of my time spent on the computer. The master plan is that on windows I will ONLY install the graphics card drivers, DirectX and GAMES. On linux will be the day to day crap i.e. word, acrobat, messenger, media player, dc++ etc … (I am reasonably PISSED at windows, its too darn slow)


PS(-1) – FYP in this semester, so they say …(why the fuck?)

PS – Exams almost over, Kamal gave a bitchass paper to read with a triple summation and another summation having the limits as a summation (how do u spell summation anyway?)

PS1 – Saw Donnie Darko – awesome film, merits a proper review but I may just forget so I put it in a PS.

PS2 – Also saw “The 40 year old virgin” – Please dont watch it, doesnt even merit a PS

PS3 – BF2 is insane fun nowadays. Tipo playing godlike, Neeraj and Manish are artillering really well, and gunjan is raping ppl with the GP-30 (I hate GP-30)

PS4 – Have a shitload of games to play, unfortunately PC in fucked up state so :((