linux, 14.6 and need for speed

by oBelIX

NFS MW out. For the uninformed MW stands for Most Wanted and NFS stands for “Need For Speed”. Anyway, I dont have time to write a full review so I will just mention a few striking features …

1. The game rocks
2. Storyline and gameplay kinda similar except that you dont have to drive around arbitrarily looking for races
3. The pursuit mode rocks, its fun blowing up cop cars


As part of the ongoing migration to linux I have been looking for a proper client for DC. Valknut IMHO sucks. So I found linuxdcpp. Get it from (if that does not appear as a link blogger sucks). Just run the executable (dcpp) in that folder. If for some reason it does not run or you want to compile it yourself get scons (just do a search at for it) and install. Then run “scons” at the directory where you untarred.


14.6 was not accessible from WLAN for some time. Apparently it was blocked at the wlan router (, I have no idea why they did that (actually i dont know who they are either), but that sort of crap makes me think wtf…


PS – registration sucks, every year the same problem and no one does anything :grr:

PS1 – BF2 rocks