by oBelIX


I Have The First Phrase
I Hate These Foolish Phrases
I Have The French Poodles
I Have Truly Found Paradise
It Hurts To Fondle Penguins
I Hate To Fondle Penguins
It’s Hard To Fondle Penguins
I Hate To Fail Physics
I Hate Taking Freshman Physics
I Help Tutor Freshman Physics
I Have Totally Forgotten Physics
I Hear That Freshman Passed
I Hear That Failing Prevailed
Italians Have Truly Funny Pronunciation
I Have This Funny Pheeling
In Heaven The Fine Play
In Hell The Foolish Pay
In Heaven There are Fraternity Parties
In Hell There are Fraternity Parties
It’s Hard To Finish Papers
I Hate Those Foolish Papers
I Hope To Find Peace
Iron Has Three Fundamental Properties
I Hope To Fuckin’ Pass
Intimate Happenings Take First Priority
Icarus Had Tremendous Flying Potential
Illegible Handwriting Tortures Frazzled Professors
Irate Hecklers Throw Foul Poultry
Ironic Happenstance, Twixt Foolish Passion
I Hate Teflon Frying Pans
Ingenuity Has To Fabricate Philosophy
Is Happiness The First Priority?
It’s Hard To Flunk Poetry
Inwardly He Takes False Pride
I Hack To Find Places
I Have Thoughtfully Flattered Professors
Intelligence Happens To Fail People
It’s Hard To Fake Puberty
I Have Two Felt Pens
Interesting How Time Flies Past
I Have Tooled For Pleasure
Inhale Hot Turpentine Fumes, Paul!
I Hate These Foolish Puns
Ike Hated Trailing Fdr’s Presidency
It’s Heaven To Feel Plums
Iap Hopes To Foster Productivity
I’ll Have Thesis Finished Presently
I Have Taken Fine Pills
I Have Terminated Furry Pests
Intense, Hard Thinking Feels Phenomenal
Insurmountable Hills Tax Foolish People
I Hear They Found Peace
In Hospitals They Free Psychotics
I Have The Funniest Professors
I Hate Those Fenway Players
I Hate Those Fucking Preppies
I Hear Teps Fuck Periodically
In Harvard They Fuck Pigs
Inside Honig’s Thighs Feel Puffy
It’s Honig That’s Found Paradise
It Happened To Fonzie’s Privates
This entry has been removed per the request of the named party.
I Hug The Funniest People
Intelligent Harlots Try Fancy Positions
It Hurts To Fuck Por-q-pines
Ivanhoe Humped The Fairy Princess
It’s Heaven To Fuck Peach
I Have Twice Fucked Peach
I Hate Tattletale Fibbers – Peach
In Her The Fiery Passage
In Him The Fiendish Piston
In Haste They Fuck Passionately
It’s Hard To Find Pussy
I Have Three Foot Penis
I Have The Finest Penis
It Hangs Twixt Fuzzy Parts
Itching His Tirelessly Feels Phenomenal
Into Her Thick Fulsome Pusssy
I Hunt The Finest Pussies
Intercourse Has The Finest Pheeling
In His Tush, Feel Passion
I Have To Fart Periodically

I Have Tasted Founts Pierian
Ivory High Towers Foster Pedantry

Interesting How Time Flies Past
Inhaling Hempen Tokes From Peace-pipes-
Inspiring High Times, Flowing Penstripes;
In Heaven-trance, This Foolish Pleonast
Is Hyper-happy To Fill Pages:
I Have Trodden Flowery Passes
Inclining High To Fair Parnassus
I Held Those Female Personages
Indulging Hard Their Favorite Pleasantries,
Infatuated, Happily Taken For Prisoner,
I Had Terpsichore For Partner
In Heavenly “Trip Fantastic” Parties!
I Hastily Transcribe Flattering Phrases –
Inflated, Humbly Trot Forth Praises.

-In Haste, The Finals-week Poet

Inflated Head, This Fucked-up Poet.

I Hate This Fucking Place


PS – All credit for this post goes to Patney (He found the link). My apologies for blatantly copying your idea, but I just could not resist.

PS1 – more posts soon …