why do we blog

by oBelIX

A friend of mine (beeminus-sriram) asked this question in a recent post of his …

Also I dont have anything interesting to blog about. The creative juices dont seem to be flowing you see. I can bore you with a playback of the routine activities that happened over this excessively boring weekend but I am sure you are NOT in the mood for that.

Top 10 reasons to blog


Now, you may think that this is an arbitrary post. However, I must ask you to dig a little deeper, think a little more or as they would say in chess, “Look one more move ahead”. There is a reason for each of the above to be on the list.

The question I have tried to answer is rather complex. I believe that it will take another ten posts to answer completely. So I solemnly swear that over the course of my life I will answer the above mentioned question completely. **Conditions Apply**


PS – saw 3 John Cusack movies in 2 days.

PS1 – sucked at chess today

PS2 – tower defense rocks in warcraft

PS3 – one of the few posts without fuck in them 😀

PS4 – why has trappi stopped blogging?