20 years ago …

by oBelIX

20 years ago, an almost black eyed earthling, with nearly jet black hair was spawned in a location far far away from where he is now.

for a few of what his compatriots called years (which were nothing more than changing values of a monotonically increasing function dependant on the “mass” around him) he lived in relative isolation with what others thought little or no idea of the world around him. unable to speak the language the only way he communicated was by wailing in tones that would cause discomfort to even the bravest of them all.

then he translocated (“blinked” in warcraft lingo) to a place the “others” called ban-gaa-lo-rey. it was different, variant with respect to time, variable with respect to space.

suddenly (assuming suddenly means after two years) he once again went back to the land where he had been created by the almighty “noo-r-waaay”. there for two years before two point five years ago he struggled. the aim was to learn technique to solve what were defined as well constrained problems for selecting people into other “higher centers of learning”. of course he was not taught technique, only data was crammed into his cranium.

noo-r-waaay alone knows how it happened but he managed to get into a place of “so-called” learning one thousand units of this concept of distance. their his life was within reason, in a manner of speaking blissful and blissless.

that was two and a “fraction” (a number-eighter divided by a denominator) 0.5 years ago.

now he sits around in front of a rectangular cuboid like structure, amusing himself by maiming in all great gory detail his fellow compatriots over an ether-net.


PS – have to do ITWS crap :grr:

PS1 – english is not expressive enough