the one on felicity

by oBelIX

Felicity is over .

I’m sad. It’s always like this, every year. The routine never changes. Every year, for three days life rocks and then for the next week or so, its like “oh crap!!! classes!! assignments!!”.

The only major pain this time was the sftwr and paper presentation :((

Course, while felicity was going on, I had some ideas which I should have had a few months back. So, for ug2 and ug1, some tips on felicity …

1. Get the site up as early as possible. On day three I thought of a template like Google except with Felicity written in images
2. Publicise Tech Events more. Given the participation in Cache-In / Codecraft / Equity Pulse we can afford to publicize them more. i.e. put some online ads on sites etc …
3. Create a centralized back end for felicity which handles event management / scheduling / accounting / mass mailing /website handling etc … Take this up as a project under some prof. and get credits for it as well. IF you want the exact project description to show to a prof, ask me …


PS – Blog has moved to wordpress. wordpress looks nice. hee hee. please update bookmarks.