tagged and stumbling around

by oBelIX

The internet is a big place. Literally.

I never actually realized how big it is until I downloaded Stumble. Its an extension for firefox. What you do is pick some categories that you like and Stumble. It will then take you to a web page matching that category which other users have liked. And trust me, the bloody thing actually works. I’ve spent a total of 6 hrs in 2 days just browsing on arbitrary websites (which has led to serious neglecting of all types of work). Some of the stuff I have found is given in the post script.

Now to the harder part. I was tagged by Spawn. The tag is to post five weird things about myself. And this is kind of a hard tag, not one of the standard tags which say list five celebs you like and all that fritter fratter rot and what not (nice phrase isn’t it).

  • Weird thoughts randomly float into my head. Really weird thoughts. For example, me, manish etc .. were jabbering abt the new walkway being constructed right through the round thingie in front of OBH. Manish in particular was saying that BLN would just knock into the lamppost anyway so why build it. As soon as he said this, I (it must have been me because no one else is capable of thinking for me :?) thought what if we put kerosene on the grass and set it on fire. Would that help them build it faster??
  • I plan alot. Specifically, I create a brilliant monthly, weekly, daily and hourly schedule. All my tasks are well listed. I even have an “Active Desktop Calendar” to aid me in this. Sadly, for the past 20 or so years this planning has never succeeded. There have been so few instances when I have actually stuck to the plan that I think that someone is actively plotting against me. Consider today (Sunday). My plan was
    • Wake up at 11:00 AM
    • Play chess / do BC till lunch
    • Eat Lunch
    • Finish Robotics
    • Read WDM
    • Eat Dinner
    • Play CS
    • Sleep

What happened was something like this ….

    • Woke up at 1230
    • Ate Lunch
    • Did BC
    • Played CS
    • Ate Dinner
    • Played CS
    • Played Warcraft
    • Slept
  • My impeccable (is that the right word?) belief that someday I will learn to either sing or draw. However as of now that seems a distant dream. Given my hand-eye co-ordination (which is undoubtedly better than an emu’s) this may seem to be an impossible task …
  • The ability to sleep a heck of a lot is downright weird I’d like to say. A good chunk of the populace at this place seems to manage just fine on six hours of sleep. I on the other hand like a healthy 8-9 hours for good measure and an extra 1.5 in se / compilers / robotics is like dessert 😀

Anyway, its 0200 hrs and I’m sleepy. Also, of late I’ve been sleeping at 0400 hrs, a routine that I’d like to break. So good night ppl …

Oh, and before you go, I pass this tag on to …

1. Vishnu Kumar Modi

2. Sriram A.

3. Anjul Patney

4. Anand Vasudev (even if he does not blog he’d have smthng interesting to say here…)

5. Siddarth Ravi M.

6. V. V. Harish Baba

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