status …

by oBelIX

Why is the water in the tap hotter than the water in the shower??

Life seems to be going on … Havent done a lot of work of late. The amount of work seems to be piling up 😦

Went and saw rang de basanti. Nice film. Well worth a watch.

T’was vishnu’s b’day yesterday. Had the regular bc before the b’day. Sid has some pics. There is also a video of Tipo dancing and me doing the robot :p

Haven’t played a computer game in well over 36 hrs (gg me). Hoping to play bf2 / cs tonight.


PS – is it just me or are they constructing and breaking down the new pathway?
PS1 – cant we christen the wings in OBH???

PS2 – the oncoming exams dont seem to be bugging me, wtf is wrong?? why cant I study like goonzan / tipo / vishnu / monga etc?