a project

by oBelIX

over the past few days it seems to me that we need a better way of categorizing files in IIIT.

THe situation here is different. With a LAN, there seems to be a lot of media around. However there is no effective way of finding this media. IMHO, this should be provided by the filesystem. However, in my knowledge there is no filesystem that enables users to share files and search them quickly. Maybe WinFS may address that problem. THe inherent problem with current filesystem’s seems to be the inability to locate data that is required.

Therefore we use applications on top of the OS to provide us this functionality. We use DC or Google Desktop Search or something like that to do this. And all these softwares do is index the files for faster search.

Anyway, at the rate at which new stuff is being added in IIIT its almost impossible to keep track of who has what and where to find that. What is required is an application that can solve the following

1. Allow users to share files

2. Allow users to download files

3. Have a system that enables a user to inform everyone else of something new.

This could be of the form of a subscription based thing wherein a user just tells the system – “I am interested in movies” and whenever someone adds a new movie the system pings the user saying “so-and-so added this movie”

The system should also be able to track the history of a file i.e. we should be able to tell who had what so that if someone actually went and backed it up on some removable media the system should be able to tell that. (what a bad sentence ;()

Technically, implementing this would be a nice thing to do. Direct Connect already has a lot of such functionality. What we need is a server side plugin which keeps track of media and improvements in the UI for DC which will make it easy to add information about new stuff.

DC++ btw is open source. Also, we do have a basic indexer for files on direct connect. Also, there is a library for the Direct Connect protocol. I have all the above stuff on 14.6 except the source for dc++ (which can be dwnlded from the net ). So if anyone wants to give it a shot just mail me and I will send the source ….


PS – exams over, SE was an unqualifiable disaster. It just doesnt get worse than that

PS1 – life sucks as of now, too much work

PS2 – canteen opening yaay

PS3 – normal posting will resume from next post …