bunglebot and rnd

by oBelIX


i took robotics this sem. actually, sid said its a very easy course and you can easily do it. no midsems / endsems. only making a robot. turns out making a robot aint as easy as it looks. especially for cse ppl.

anyway here is a pic of version 2.0 of bunglebot (yeah, tipo, i could not think of a better name). yeah, its amphibious :D.  anyway, just found out that robotics final submission got postponed. HURRAY. (blame sid for horrid photography).

(Ps – i’d like to thank yaar, peesu, sairaj, komar etc.. for their help. w/o them bunglebot would not be moving around)


R and D showcase is over. Its not all fun and games their. Its quite a pain to stay in the main building, in a hot room, explaining the same thing over and over again. The only thing that makes it worth it is when someone actually asks something interesting or listens closely and tries to screw you. Thats what makes it interesting.

Monga rocked at explaining. Man, that guy has enthu to explain. I on the other hand dont care as much. (also, much obliged to manish for picking up my slack).

Of course, this year it seems like there were way fewer people.  I still dont understand why it was advanced to the day when bush was coming. I guess ppl did not come because of that. No industry guy came to see our project :(. Also, I dont understand why the ppl who had to show stuff were not told that it would start at 1300 on the first day.

Coderupt – IOHC

took part in IOHC – intl online hacking contest at techkriti. it was seriously a fun contest. actually maaroed a night out for it. (cant believe that).


PS – new canteen is pretty good.

PS1 – how many people have not heard of the term golgappas

PS2 – i am cheerful while writing this. wow.

PS3 – weather has improved.