the orange county

by oBelIX

the oc.

new series in IIIT.

actually this is the first soap / drama’ish series that I have ever seen. mostly I watch comedy stuff like “Whose line” and “Everybody loves Raymond” and scrubs and ….

However, the orange county is pretty good. Well worth a watch. I say this mostly because I just saw 10 episodes on the trot and spoilt all plans for a good night’s sleep. its probably going to be a good morning’s sleep now.

And on series … Scrubs is pretty funny. IMHO its as funny as friends. NOw I know that some purists would say that FRIENDS is the best comdy and to them i’d say, watch “Whose line is it anyway”. That is what comedy is about.

Speaking of whose line, I am reminded of the performance on cult. night.Β  brilliant improv style comedy, it was really funny. the best moment of cultural night.

Speaking of nights and IIIT activities amalgam and farewell are coming up. I would thereby propose that we get nice food on both those joyous occasions. So, everyone in favour of the above mentioned motion say ‘aya’ in the comments. Everyone against, prepare for the bash of the millenium (pun intended).


PS – the post on squompched was not as good as the post above (which is saying something)

PS1- CeG beat DTA 16-14 sniping 2v2. Playing for CeG – iv and tipo. Playing for DTA – peesu and yar.

PS2 – amxmod rocks. gg ug2.

PS3 – if i got the full form of the oc wrong its because i am waaaay toooooo sleeeeepy (in dr. cox say :D)