by oBelIX

bored, really bored

ok, now that ive given away the punch line …

there is nothing fun to do.

i dont feel like studying at all. its too hot to sleep before 0100. i dont wake up before 12 because there is nothing to do. If you like waking up before 12 please add a comment.

technically, i should be scared stiff and studying fourteen hours a day (specifically after last semester's performance). however, even halley going to library and reading is not enough motivation to start on that arduous path. (how do you spell arduous????).

i am also playing in a hap-hazard way. not like proper playing because we are struggling to get the numbers required to play. (cant blame anyone because others have exams).

in other news, tipo and I have to show bunglebot today. in what we hope will be the end of the robotics project saga. (bunglebot will be available for sale next year at a modest price of Rs. 300 :p). yeah, i know, the last set of words delimited by "full stops" does not qualify in any way to be a sentence. . If any of you feel that that qualified to be a sentence please create a comment.

still in other news – manish jain started a blog. unbelievable isn't it. clearly shows that a lot of people resort to blogging because they are bored right out of their skulls (pun intended and if you get it please acknowledge the subtleity in the comments). of course manish has only registered, has not yet made the first post.

therefore let me cordially invite one and all to a "default" session so that we can kickstart his blog. literally.

oblivion is out. struggling to get the game to IIIT. therefore, if anyone can download the game please please do download it. it seems to be an awesome game and there are a lot of ppl here who want to play it. (this is addressed to all ppl from ug2 who download stuff … ).

and also, ive been told that "Anna" is coming back to the OC in 321. wahoo, really looking forward to that. All those who liked Anna, please say so in the comments.

oh, and a treat for anyone who manages to convince the dumb stadium guys to get a swimming coach. i really want to go swimming. All those who like going swimming please express your views in the comments.

sriram rocked in se roleplay.

there was going to be a section on tipo but he said no …

and if you think this post was a lot more about getting comments then please leave a comment.

PS – there are no PS's. treat all of this post as a PS 😀