the exams

now that the exams are over, its a time to look back …

(:woah: wtf ?? is what the general reader would be thinking)

i have my reasons. you see, these set of exams have been the weirdest ones I have given in IIIT.

usually exams come and exams go … no problems, no damage done etc etc etc …

this time however it was different. it started with sts, wherein i did something that i thought i could never do. I wrote 11 additionals. And I realized that there are nearly 10 million ways your hand can hurt after that. Of course the last 3-4 sheets came out very neat because my hand was hurting so bad I had to write slow. (I wrote the first 5-6 addtionals in the first 1.5 hrs …). Anyway, acc to fauji the record for highest additionals was 10 by Jayaram, which I beat (alongwith Hariveer, Jaiswal and Sanchit I belieive).

Then was software engineering. It was going to be shitty, that I knew. The second case came, the one i did not do. So I am drawing a UML diagram when I come up with a brilliant architecture. Seriously, at that point I thought I had aced the exam. So I start to modify my UML diagram. It starts looking like crap. I try to repair what I have done. Its looking worse. I start getting frustrated. I end up writing one test case, one diagram for sequencing and angry at having been asked 15 marks worth of processes when I have NOT, i repeat NOT read processes at all. When you’ve got an idea, when you are in an enlightened state you definately do not want to feel frustoo. Screws up the enlightenment. Net result – one screwed up answer sheet, real ugly … and hoping for a miracle (i.e. someone actually understands what I have written, calls me in to explain and I get an A for my awesome design).

Finally there was WDM. Another subject which I was like urghhh … too much to read … too many distractions. And the question paper blew us all away. I was just staring, looking at the dumbass paper of some inspiration. Wondering why on earth someone would buy a red domestic SUV and who on earth cares about the recommendation of movies based on test and training data and other ….


PS – sorry for lack of formatting, wordpress is not letting me format the post. too tired to look into it now

PS1 – oblivion is here

PS2 – kirtiman failed to save us … even after 20 people were imploring him on yahoo to go out there and “Just do IT” … for the batch …

PS3 – sorry for the rotten standard of “la langue de’la anglais”. Its because of seeing the shittiest film called ‘stealth’

PS4 – DC reached some 7.* TB. will put a nice proper post on that.

PS5 – if you have not read the post, I completely sympathise. but trust me its not one of the regular bc / cs / games / linux posts.