things to do before leaving IIIT

by oBelIX

ok, sorry for the long delay in writing. did not have a pc. (oh and my 'm' key is acting funny. so please auto-comprehend)

this is a list of things to do before leaving IIIT (sorted by the probability of completion)
0. learn swimming

1. learn diving – i.e. shd be able to dive off the third floor into a swimming pool.

2. defeat tipo in chess
3. learn to drive a bike properly
4. play decent football (atleast better than sid (the bare minimum))
5. improve pool skills

6. learn to draw

7. learn to sing
8. learn telegu and punjabi

9. win the acm

10. drive from hyd to del on a motorcylce

11. write a new network protocol so that wireless wont suck as much

12. create a software interface to allow the latest games to run on 486's


PS – linux is nice … my pc working in linux … un-….-believable. my smps giving only 3V instead of 3.3

PS1 – came did se grades. irritating that was. bad luck for "butchi reddy". reminds me of the following


he tried so hard


and got so far


but in the end


he couldnt make it matter …


he put his trust in …


pushed as far as he could go


but in the end

he couldnt make it matter

(ps – that is linkin park …)



You can lead a horse to water and make it drink by duct-taping a hose to its mouth.

PS2 – italics are not turning off now – so the rest of this post is in italics

PS3 – am improving at pool. anand plays decent pool

PS4 – flame wars soon

PS5 – sid give the pictures of bunglebot. bunglebot worked. and _||_ to everyone who thinks its trivial. and thanks to everyone who helped