the electric conundrum

by oBelIX

their is going to be a powercut tomorrow morning …

this vexed event has thrown me in a quandary

on a grey winter day spending four hours without electrons flowing through the fan in my room would not even cause a lizard to bat an eyelid

however, this time is special … its at the time when the rooster crows (or just after). its the middle of the year, close to the soliste. its going to so hot that i am afraid of spontaneously combusting.

usually, i'd beat the heat by migrating to cooler climes. a perfect example would be the 'air-conditioned' gaming heaven that is lab 330.

however those darn electrons wont be moving about in lab either …

so now, i ask you … what would be the best way of defeating that jackass of a star thats going to shine so bright??

and, i will ask you again … when you wake up sweating and cursing at 0700 hours tomorrow … what are you going to do ?? are you going to just grumble to yourself?? or will you reflect upon your existense thusfar in this universe??

i have a feeling something great will happen tomorrow … its like a little bird has whispered in my ear …


PS – went swimming … did not drown … (you probably got that by reading this post)

PS1 – am blogging a heckuva lot …

PS2 – check out tipos blog … yeah, the guy who blogs in python –

PS3 – all bloggers, lets flame manish … he's made an account and is sitting on his ass

PS4 – eswc – support IIIT … give bumps to anyone who does not qualify 😀 (this means you spawn 😀 :D) 

PS5 – thanks to tipo i have moby – lift me up playing in my head  

PS6 – a less random / arbid post. dont you think so?