counter strike ala warcraft

by oBelIX

cowabunga … 

i just felt like saying that … perfect for describing my mood right now.

anyway onto the rest of the post …. 


counter strike is a mod for half life

those of you who have not played hl please do play it. its one of the fps's with a decent story. also play hl2. 

(i have a crush on alex ).

similarly there is a mod called dota – defense of the ancients for warcraft.

and that mod rocks. usually we used to play some stupid ass td. or x-hero siege (which by the way is pretty fun too – try extreme mode for a challenege, we beat extreme mode lvl 1). 

in dota all you have is a single hero. there are creeps and ancients in your base which you have to protect. and go and kill the other teams buildings.

sounds simple doesnt it?? well it aint as easy as it looks. 

  • you have 70 hero choices
  • there are millions of item combinations
  • there is nuking
  • there is gangbanking (2-3 enemy heroes come and whack the shit out of you).  (I did not make that up. read on dota forums).
  • there is team work.

its actually more complicated than most warcraft multiplayer matches ive played. (and i did play a good chunk of them in second year. actually, then I used to watch 3-4 replays at 1x, micromanage shamans to the extent of individually purging / lightning sheilding.  micromanage spirit walkers and what not). 

now, you may be intimidated. but therein lies the awesomeness. the learning curve is pretty gradual. the slope is low. a testament to the incredible ggness (I coined a new word. Dont I get some kind of a medal??) of this game is that Deepak plays it. And he plays decently well. (Deepak = NTT.sirirus = the optimist from utopia).


PS – trappi asshole, you will like this game … play it

PS1 –  the dota forum has more people browsing it at any point than i get hits to my blog in two days.

PS2 – swimming rocks 

PS4 – robotics term paper moving slower than a turtle hit with frost nova and slow and poison

PS5 – _||_ in advance to anand if he comments on the uselessness of warcraft

PS6 – cs pwns

PS7 – question of the day – who is piggywiggy ?? (Hint – its a comic book character). If you get it right leave a comment. you have 1/x probability of winning a prize. 

PS8 – I am going to watch pubmasters 2.

PS9 – Gautam Singh Rocks … (see PS8) 

PS10 – i thought that this post would suck but hey, ive seen worse

PS11 – check this out you will .  Really awesome it is.