the best and worst of 2005-2006 – I

its been a year since i started blogging.

so now looking back ought to be fun. and looking back using just the blog will be double fun. so lets start

April 25 – the first one. my first post. started out as a very very cautious post. kinda like getting your feet wet by dipping your toe in the water

Rest-of-April and May – i write about movies, games etc … nothing great, nothing as useless as some of the algae that grow in the ocean. I also saw a heckuva lot of wliia then. (wliia = whose line is it anyway)

The nth law of email – the first of the "innovative" posts … i.e. posts that are not reviews of movies and what not. and yeah, i wrote an essay "The flowering of Indian Cinema". Also, praises of the bose headphones 😀

In july came the first hardware disaster of the year. I seem to have had a good many of these this year:D

August was a big month as far as I can tell from the blog. There was me thinking that netbeans is the best IDE in the world (I was pretty green then. Now I think its the visual studio ide).  Thats when I realized that I like being a tutor (dunno what ppl I tutored think. Anyway since the course is over you can leave all the hatred comments here).  That was when we were trying out world of warcraft. Then was one of the uber-posts of this blog. You gotta read this. August was when we started playing a lot of chess. I learnt about double chess. That rocked. That was also when I was gleefully in love with MAS and Middleware. Me, monga and manish were like *thbbbt*, we got two exams over on the first day you suckers. (More on this later).

In september there was a review of Fable. Thats when we started getting hit by MAS (the workload I mean). I also composed my first poem (it sucked ass, i'd recommend not reading it. deepak was the only one who liked it …). Also the first post on frustrations with wlan. 

In october again a lot of stuff happened. DF rocked (14.6/<you know where>). Atwal and zess were having posting competitons, posting a huge number of jokes. Arun and me trying to come up with a decent 3 word story. Flames flying here and there. That was huhaness of bc. That was also when bf2 ruled. I miss that, we havent had proper bf2 since then. There was "quake … ahem … earthquake" – one of the best titles. 

Towards the end of the month started seeing the pain that the semester was. There was the "anguish" of middleware. And of course two nearly factual descriptions of compilers (I and II). 

In the beginning of November, had trouble with windows. Decided to switch to linux. So the first two posts were dedicated to Linux. Of course, that was when someone with the iq equal to that of a headless aardvark blocked 14.6 from WLAN. There was a huge story that came with this which I did not document. Ask me, and I will tell you.

At the end of the month was when the "event" of the year happened. Suffice to say, that was one of the type of days you will never forget. I was feeling as low as I could then. It was a depressing time. Full of complications. That changed a lot of my outlook on academics and study. 

On a different note, I also came up with the best description for some of my fellow compatriots – beegle-eyed-cow-faced-dog-brained buddies (read “Thiruvengadachari Prashant, Neeraj Tharwani, Manish Jain”). that ws also when I was wondering when people would stop IV, IV. And when VV would realize its IV not VV. (I hoped never, I'd like to be the anonymous type :D).

December 5 – the time when we played a lot of tower defense and I answered the unanswerable – why do we blog? Then on the twelfth was the post with the best beginning. You oughta read the first bit of this. There is also another post for that month which I wrote but did not publish. When the time is ripe, the moment opportune, you will see it.


PS – am getting late for work. the rest of the year in the next.

PS2 – after that will write a post on the best and the worst of this blog, that should be fun. 

PS3 – saw a documentary on the 7 greatest places. nice.

PS4 – doesn't anyone know who piggywiggy is?? (HINT – its a comic character. Come on :D)