the best and worst of 2005-2006 – II

by oBelIX

Continued from last time …

Come January cometh the new year. Wanted to write a post on wishlists and resoulutions. The problem was that no one would get me anything on my wishlist (each item cost close to 10K) and I would not follow those resolutions. So screwed that post. Anyway, what I did write about was the inauspicious start to the new year with "PC woes". Then, I fell sick. Then manish fell sick. Went and stayed with Manish at the hospital for two nights. Those two nights taught me a bit abt life. Also, had interesting conversations with MOnga at the hospital. We talked about all sorts of stuff while Pinki rested. There was a post on the morning. Anyway, this was when there were BTP woes, wasnt even sure of what the BTP is when the first report was due :O.

In february we had felicity. There was a small post on that. (Techfest co-ordinators for next year shd talk to either manish or me. they will do a much better job then). There was also the humiliating losses in CS. Thats when it became clearer (note the use of the "er" form) that CeG may not become the best again. Forked the "CS Reporter". This was about the time I started stumbling. Near total waste of time. Then was the best post of the blog.The most insane post in terms of effort and work. The most commented on and the most read.

The definitive guide to CS – The Who’s who

After that there was a post on an interesting project idea in my head. Sadly no one was interested. 

In march I took part in IOHC. Organized by IITK. That was a fun competition. I actually maarofied a night out for that. Also that was when bunglebot (v2.0) was demoed in  RnD. (RnD was scheduled on the wrong day IMHO 😦). Then the most creatively genius post ever. It was awesome when I wrote it. There was a brilliant breeze. I kinda felt like Frankenstein creating Frankenstein.

CS and football

March ended with exams imminent. In a vain attempt to get people to get back to dfing I wrote abt flaming (this is a nice read)

April started off with a post on how bored I was. Then was the post about the exams wherein I decieded to actually see whether writing a lot would help in STS. If I get an A in STS then I may / may not be appalled. Answered a tag from spawn. Found a link to a great post at an awesome post.

Blogged quite a bit this month. Wrote about the ideal schedule which infuriated Sid, and he came up with a much worse schedule. THen there was the highly geekish post on Listviews. Then I finally compiled my todo list. On the 11th of May I reached nirvana. (the day when SE grades came out). I realized that grading is random. There was a post on Unicode and Internationalization. which if you havent read you should read. It may help you out at some point of time in life. Finally there was a post on dota.

This concludes the two part series. Blogging provides an interesting way to look at how your year went. seriously … this has been one weird weird year. 2nd year was way better. Atleast it was nice and stable. 

PS – you ay have noticed – my 'm' key is giving trouble again

PS1 – epiphany rocks. its quite fast. stupid ass sagar, because of him no firefox :grrr:

PS2 – Sumeet G's insane dedication to anti-reservation movement is amazing. I applaud his efforts. gg sumeet g

PS3 – breakfast sucks

PS4 – phanto lancer is a good hero for dota