science and technology – when your computer is slow

by oBelIX

another gray day … oops another grade day.

grades came out for a humanities course. anyway, it seems that humanities courses go a lot more by volume than by content. therefore if you write a heckuva lot in one exam you may get an a-. if you write a lot in all then you will get an a

but thats just stating the obvious.

neways, i am frustoo at my pc. seriously, stupid ass piece of hardware. it was working so slow that it took it 10 seconds to move out of the bios, 30 to display the initial boot screen and since it never booted i can safely say that it took  infinite time to boot into linux.

anyway, so went around wondering what was wrong. cleaned out all the components. but it was so slow that i thought that the cpu was not running at full power. checked the bios. cpu running at 1500 mhz. and then the stroke of genius. figured the cmos battery was low. hence the system timer thingie was screwed and hence it was so slow.

anyway 10 minutes later, with some reverse engineering and swapping the batteries on the pc and the calC got the pc to boot and work.

so another hardware disaster has been solved. but all these are a symptom. its like ok, this pc is going to die soon. 

hence if neone selling their pc please send me a mail …


ps – sts sucks

ps1 – wdm papers came. wont get more than a b 😦 . someone from mtech (manish knows them well) is absolutely kicking ass in the course and hence making the rest of us humble mortals look bad

ps2 – bah 

ps3 – neone seen fanaa?