the water cooler and the absurd software

we got a new water cooler. at the first floor I mean.

actually this is kinda old news. but anyway the water cooler works real fast. so gg water cooler.

so, i was writing this piece of code. which worked fine on my machine. and it was written in a very nice and clean manner. elegant code i’d say. however, the one day I decide to have some fun, play some football etc is the day when everything goes kaput. seriously, by now you’d think they’d build operating systems such that software written on one machine works on another machine without the developer needing to be there.

that would be the reason i am blogging at this very early hour (hey!! I woke up a heckuva lot earlier and rushed here).

In other news … we didnt goto ESWC. DTA had the worst possible luck in which they played tm and train. NTT lost to ABC in the second round (or so i have heard).

Software Engg. scripts etc to be shown today at 1100 AM not PM as I originally thought necessitating another trip up and down. :grrr:, I’m getting frustoo now.

Seriously, stupid software

oh and we went to ohri’s again. awesome food. gg sid.


ps – hoping hoping for an a- in wdm. technically i need to go and discuss my paper … correction was blahish

ps1 – i am really sleepy …

ps2 – waiting for anand

ps3 – fauji blogs at

ps4 – mouli found a game called trackmania or dragmania or some such shit. need to give it a shot, looks like fun

ps5 – did i tell u i was frustoo?