the movie, the moon and the IIIT

by oBelIX

after a long time I saw a movie.

and I know you are not exactly waiting with baited breath to listen to the title of the movie. Most of you must be going “Yeah, so friggin what!!! You saw a movie. Big Deal. Go stuff a lemon” and that kind of conversation.

therfore, hence and without further ado I will say I saw taxi 9211. And will review it in one line so that you dont continue to go about saying above mentioned stuff. Its a decent film with some shreds of a plot. Decent acting by John Bhram and Nana Patekar.

Spoke to my Dad the other day … video conferencing. He was (whats the word I am looking for) appalled at my unkept hair and unshaven look. Most comments directed at me ended with some reference to Mullah / Afganistan / Osama Bin Laden. So I decided to shave. And now I look as dark as the moon without the pockmarks and with a weird haircut

Of course, for some strange reason labs are going to be closed. So far there have been no protests recorded. Only a meeting in which the CC (campuslife chaps) were told about the BC (bijli cut). And the new sysadmins seem to be having a dekko at stuff they should let live. So, basically the question that we have to ask is why?

and what do we do about it? Of course, if this type of stuff continues then we will soon be living in a very dictatorial type of IIIT (am I the only one noticing this?). What we need is an underground resistant movement type of thingie? Once it is big enough we will surface. We can probably ask sumeet g for ideas … maybe give some rasta rokos or do a human chain …

But all that stuff is way in the future. First like any good underground movement we need a leader. So, I nominate tipo. (yeah, the guy who blogs in python and sits in CDE and works in linux all day and is the geekiest guy on campus). Other nominations include manish jain (the guy who lives by pink() and is afraid of water). Bokaro and MSAR (there is no way in hell you can guess who this is).

PS – did you guess who PJN is?? I am afraid the description isnt descriptive enought

PS1 – Arun’s b’day was somewhere near here so this post is dedicated to him (hee hee).

PS2 – Havent seen vasan’s new haricut (tyop – meant haircut)

PS2.5 – I need a haircut
PS3 – Damn the 10 million insects that are biting me each night

PS4 – Skype rocks

PS5 – The next post on Harish Baba and his quest for the ***^^#^$&*$*# (*$*&&^^@^___(())**#

PS6 – hopefully

PS7 – Will lunch be good today?

PS8 – football – its fun

PS9 – read fauji’s blog

PS10 – unable to come up with creative stuff – like the cs football thingie

PS11 – am getting late

PS12 – who holds the record for the most PS’s?