the french beard and secure p2p

by oBelIX

going home soon. each time I go home its the same story. people comment on either I have grown thin, or my pant's trimmings at the bottom are torn, or some other such thinga-ma-jig.

So, this time I am thinking of being proactive. Giving people something to comment on …

The only decent idea I have come up with thusfar is growing a french beard 😀

Now, if I had a digicm or something I would post pictures of before and afted ….

anyway, will do it before I leave so people who want to cheer up can have a look at around 11 tomorrow …


On the internet it is possible to be anonymous on a peer to peer network. However, when we consider such a network on a LAN anonymity becomes harder to achieve. The fact that someone can just do a reverse lookup on your IP and find out who you are can be irritating to some.

Tipo suggested authentication as an alternatvie. Authentication based on some public serverr. The problem with such a scheme seems to be the irritation that it would cause. Imagine having to type a username / password each time you log in. Furthermore it again is not very secure.

The crux of the problem is that identification is easy based on an IP / MAC address. The only way that I can see of circumventing that is to put a proxy in the middle. Of course, with the amount of data transfer that occurs over a p2p network there would be huge load on said proxy.

So, if someone can come up with a way to implement security and anonymity over p2p please ping me …

PS – parag woke me up at 1130 today. I thought it was 1:00 PM and am quite pissed

PS1 – bad luck for lab 328 people who have to endure constant shouting at night.

PS2 – going to rewrite the indexers when I come back
PS3 – target for the post is 13 ps's

ps4 – dota rocks …

ps5 – my keyboad is really dirty

ps6 – the room is a mess

ps7 – arun has mnm's. they are like foreign gems. they rock.

ps8 – siddarth studying the whole day for CAT. damn u

ps9 – i cant think of more ps's …

ps10 – oh yeeh, there is a    squeak in my room,

parag woke me up, i thought it was 1 instead of 11