the post with an uninteresting title – I

by oBelIX


[hi, what sort of an idiotic beginning to a post is that]
sorry for not posting. have been rather  busy. well, kinda busy. naah not really but still i'd like to say i was busy.

oh and before you ask, the french beard idea has been put on hold on the account of me looking nincompoopish

havent done anything great over the past few weeks.

———-BEGIN WORLD CUP STUFF—————————— 

been seeing a lot of the world cup. and messi is god, argentina godlike.

why do I say that?? well, the messi thing is mostly because he did play jolly good when he came on. (and of course all the pundits and siddarth are calling him godlike). argentina because they played the best football I have seen in a long long time. the campi****** goal was the best i've seen in a while. kinda reminded me of the mexican goal in the last world cup. 

imho, (i am sure you are sick of humble opinions on the world cup but please do bear with me and hear out my 2 cents worth), argentina will win if they play like this.

england are more like pussy-nation. they play like wimps. its like they left their balls at home. with players like gerrard, lampard, beckham, joe cole, owen one would expect much better attacking flair. and where the (((( is paul scholes??

the dutch deserve to be kicked out for playing very bad football. ivory coast were eliminated because of bad luck?? thats just a load of crap. if you saw that match, the dutch were cheating like there was no tomorrow (humours similie / metaphor generating unit offline). the referee also sucked ass (or was he also cheating in another one of FIFA's matchfixing scandals). given the way ivory coast played they deserve to get to the semi-finals atleast. 

france look like crap when they are playing. brazil also looked crappish but I guess they will come back to form.

———-END WORLD CUP STUFF——————————
and in other news, thought I would go jogging. found out that I cannot wake up early in the morning under any circumstances.

also, it seems that people (read tipo) have stopped playing games. really shocked to hear that. he must be working 24×7 on his project.

[stop working on BTP bitch i'd like to say. if manish is still there tell him to work on the BTP ]
vasan posted a really nice post. his blog is somewhere around the-prodigal-something i think. [too lazy to check it up, sorry spawn].

fuzzy is the official blogger reporter for the FIFA WC 2k6. [fuzzy pls post atwal's comments on the WC matches and performances]
maybe getting a new phone. (any recommendations please email or leave a comment).

have visited orkut a lot (yeah, i know shame on me :()

this is getting to be a really long post.

everyone seems to be on training somewhere (read gujrat / bang etc)[did I misspell gujarat? ehh, who cares]

saw mi3, fanaa, posiedon, da vinci code, basic, it could happen to you, van helsing and what not. nothign godlikish except for it could happen to you. [if your sister makes you watch fanaa, try to say no as politely as possible]
the square bracket thingie was what I was actually thinkiing of. [needless to say that was one of your most stupid ideas ]

i'd like to play cs / dota 

some guy made a helicopter out of spare auto parts. gg someguy 

oh, and the doggie needs a bath so toodle-oo …