the mobile phone conundrum

by oBelIX

its settled. im getting a new phone.

specifically, i dropped the old one in water.

so, went over to a mobile phone shop yesterday. had a look at what was there.

there is sid’s phone, motorola clam shell type of one. but that doesnt look very interesting

there is neeraj’s phone, which i feel is kinda expensiveish … costs arnd 10K for its feature set

there is nokia 6270 – i liked this one. it has a 2mp camera, stereo speakers and comes with a 512MB flash card. mostly i figure i’d get this one.

there also is a nokia 6280 – similar to 6270. supports 3G which is supposed to be the next in thing 😀 but costs 4000 bucks more and comes with a 128 mb card

then there is a nokia n70 – which seems to be a pointless waste of money.

what really took my breath away was the n80. solid phone with awesome features. it has a 3mega px camera, wifi, bluetooth, mp3 player and what not. looked real nice as well. neat design. sadly the stupid thing costs arnd 30K. this is the one that i’d really really really like to get.  sadly i cant justify it in any damn way :(. hence i feel kinda down.

oh, there is also an n90 with 4gb memory and all but thats as big and bulky as a tata truck. so, no thanks, i’d rather get an ipod.

anyway, till yesterday when my phone had not gone in water i was slightly aware of the need to get a new camera phone. any phone would have done, as long as it’d have a camera etc … one visit to the god damn showroom, seeing the n80 … i am like “i  really really really want that phone”.

i’d like to write a paragraph on how irrational that is but then i figure what the heck. it’d be very very filosofical. probably be a little deep.


ps – did i say that i want that phone …

ps1 – check out (ug3 …)

ps2 – germany v. arg tomorrow. yay. arg will win the world cup.

ps3 –  i want to play dota / bf2 sf