by oBelIX

cygnus – a constellation that resembles a cross. also a flock of swans / geese.

interesting name  ??

so, who or what is cygnus??

specifically, for which project / research  was created?? and why is root always logged onto 200 from  there??


ps – short post aint it?

ps1 – england deserve better, atleast the english players deserve better, especially having two of the best AM / CM’s in the world (gerrard and lampard)

ps2 – swen goran erikson is puss-ay

ps3 – new phone. it rocks.

ps4 – ppl have lost enthu for slogging. chickens.

ps5 – scared abt gre

ps6 – did i say that arg deserved to win.

ps7 – i hope portugal win

ps8 – officially supporting italy now

ps9 – gg france

ps10 – no more ps’s on the wc

ps11 – saw krishh. decent special effects. (yeah, i know i misspelled it).

ps12 – i wish tab in this editor would take the focus to the publish button