krrish and php

by oBelIX

went and saw krrish the other day. it was decent. atleast they have finally figured out how to get some jolly good special effects. the songs were nuisance-istical. mostly , they were a pain in the ass. oh and does anyone else think that priyanka chopra looked fat in that movie?? I thought she looked like a hippopotamus with a gland problem (ok, i know that is hyperbolae, but the calvin and hobbes strip which has that phrase is quite funny)

php was nice too. php as in phir hera pheri. but i am sure u got that. bipasha basu looked jolly good. the jokes were funny. atleast it lived up to its expectations.

speaking of expectations, the one movie which was not jolly good was fanaa. that was atrocious. i mean seriously how can one chap with a machine gun not hit a helicopter once but this lady will take out a glock (pistol) and take one shot and the damn thing explodes. i mean seriously, there needs to be atleast some level of realism.

also saw mi-3. its ok. the action is decent. of course have you seen Tom Cruise run?? he looks hilarious.

saw something the lord made on hbo. was a decent film. the quality u’d expect from an hbo original movie.

saw the untouchables. gg acting by deNiro, and Andy Garcia. Sean Connery was ok.

saw Posiedon at IMAX. worth the experience. movie was ok, but the IMAX made it a lot better.

saw It could happen to you on zee studio. nice film.


ps – this was meant to be only abt krrish and php. sadly turned out to be a review of most of the films i’ve seen over this one month.

ps1 –  registered for gre.